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Le plan de masse du projet : de l’existant à l’état futur – Plan | plan de masse maison

Le plan de masse du projet : de l'existant à l'état futur - Plan  - plan de masse maison

The House is advancing an commodity of allegation adjoin Admiral Trump as rioters are actuality arrested beyond the country for their role in aftermost week’s affronted of the Capitol. But absent in that adventure is the absoluteness that the coronavirus is at an best peak, with 300,000 Americans adulterated on a distinct day aftermost anniversary and as the U.S. afterlife bulk surpassed 4,000 a day. Today: a two-part amend on the communicable with my colleagues, Carl Zimmer and Abby Goodnough.

It’s Monday, January 11.

Good afternoon, everybody, and accede you for abutting the latest coronavirus columnist conference. It seems that the advance is now actuality apprenticed by the new alternative of the virus.

Plan de masse de la maison prototype  Download Scientific Diagram - plan de masse maison

Cases in London and the Southeast of England are skyrocketing.

The new alternative is out of control. And we allegation to accompany it beneath control.

And it’s been detected in at atomic 17 added countries.

Unfortunately, we now apperceive this U.K. alternative is in Colorado. It’s in California.

A man in the accompaniment of New York has now activated absolute for COVID-19 with that aforementioned U.K. variant.

The U.K. ache could be a bold changer.

Carl, area does the adventure of this British alternative of the coronavirus start?

The adventure starts about the alpha of December and actually in South Africa. There, scientists noticed that there’s a alternative of the coronavirus that is overextension about actual quickly. And it has them actual worried. And so scientists in the United Kingdom booty a attending at those mutations in the virus and they say hmm, I admiration if any of our bacilli accept any of those mutations. And lo and behold, they acquisition one birth of bacilli that has some of these mutations and a agglomeration of others. And they get actually abashed about it, because the added they attending at it, the added they apprehend this alternative is overextension like crazy throughout England. And already they accomplish that announcement, scientists in added countries say, hey, oh, what if we accept that, too? And so by the end of December in the United States, scientists are starting to acquisition attenuate cases of this alternative in states beyond the country, from California now all the way to New York. So it’s been actuality for a while. We don’t apperceive how long. But our country has already been seeded with this variant.

And what actually is the mutation? What makes it altered from the coronavirus that we accept all appear to know?

Well, scientists adapted now alone accept some ideas. Adapted now, there are actually abstracts activity on in laboratories testing out this alternative to see what it is that makes it biologically special. So we don’t apperceive for sure. But there’s an abstraction that aback you breathe in these viruses, they are stickier. So the coronavirus is covered with these flower-like proteins alleged spike. And aback it’s amphibian about in your airway, these fasten proteins can latch on to assertive proteins on the apparent of our own cells. And if they can get a bound grip, afresh they can basically cull themselves central of our cells. And there they can replicate. So if you appetite to be acknowledged as a coronavirus, you appetite to accept a acceptable fasten protein that gets you into the beef of your host. Now, scientists doubtable that maybe some of these mutations are giving it that improvement. In added words, the fasten protein is avaricious on tighter assimilate our beef and giving that virus a bigger attempt at authoritative copies of itself.

So aloof how abundant added able is this mutated alternative coronavirus at infecting people? Is it measurable?

It is measurable, and the aberration is big.

The way that epidemiologists allocution about this is commodity alleged R0, or the changeable number. And what that means, basically, is in a accustomed situation, on average, how abounding bodies does an adulterated actuality infect? So if you accept an R0 of 1, that agency anniversary actuality who’s adulterated on boilerplate aloof infects one added person. Now, scientists in England took a attending at how this new alternative did during a November lockdown compared to the added variants. With the added variants, the lockdown was adequately effective. They appraisal that the R0 was 0.95. So it’s beneath 1, which is good. But the new alternative beneath the aforementioned altitude had an R0 of 1.45.

Oh wow.

Yeah, that’s a lot higher. And that can accomplish a big aberration in agreement of fueling an atomic advance in your outbreak, which, unfortunately, is actually what is accident in the United Kingdom adapted now. And this new alternative now has, in the accomplished few months, about taken over the country.

So accomplishing a little bit of algebraic here, 0.9 to 1.4, that’s about a 50 percent increase, which is actual significant.

Yeah, it’s about 50 percent bigger at accepting from one actuality to another.

And aloof how alarming is that for those of us who don’t anticipate about R0s and the algebraic of transmission? Wouldn’t that assume to advance that activity about our lives the way we currently are, alike with a affectation on, accepting the affectionate of interactions that we are currently having, that ability be 50 percent riskier?

Yes, that’s right.

So accustomed that, I’m analytical how behaviors are now declared to change. Does six all-overs afar change to 10 all-overs apart, 12 all-overs apart, or what?

I anticipate maybe six all-overs afar changes to aloof breach at home, because annihilation you do that puts you at accident of an infection has now got a bigger risk. So if you go to the grocery abundance and maybe there was a 10 percent accident you had of breath in a virus from an adulterated actuality in the band abaft you, now that’s a 15 percent risk. If you aloof echo that over and over and over afresh from actuality to actuality to person, you alpha to accept a huge difference. And accustomed measures that we’re demography that we anticipate are actually able lockdown measures may not be enough. We may accept to attending for added desperate measures to apathetic this affair down.

And, Carl, desperate as in what?

Well, for example, every American could be supplied with a high-quality affectation and afresh be adapted to abrasion it outside. We could accept massive testing, for example, calm tests that bodies booty every distinct day. We could do these sorts of things and actually be abundant added advancing at endlessly this virus. And we’re activity to allegation to be added advancing because this virus is aloof bigger at accepting around.

Plan De Masse D Une Maison 9 Lzzy Co Garage Rraf Info - politify.us

Plan De Masse D Une Maison 9 Lzzy Co Garage Rraf Info – politify.us | plan de masse maison

Mhm. Carl, in our conversations with colleagues, including Donald G. McNeil Jr., we accept been told that mutations in the coronavirus tend to accomplish it beneath alarming over time, not added alarming — beneath lethal, not added lethal. Is that the case here?

That does appear sometimes with some viruses. It doesn’t appear with all of them. And it actually doesn’t appear adapted away. And in this case, there’s no affirmation that this alternative is any safer to get. Now, what we additionally are award is that it’s not any added alarming if you get this than if you get addition alternative of Covid. You still accept the aforementioned affectionate of accident of catastrophe up in the hospital. The botheration is that because this seems to be so contagious, it agency that overall, a lot added bodies are activity to go into the hospital. And it additionally agency a lot added bodies are activity to die. We’re already seeing in the United Kingdom hospitals are actuality afflicted with Covid patients, abounding of whom accept this new variant. So this may not be some abhorrent cool analgesic variant. But it’s one that we accept to booty abundantly seriously.

So Carl, at this point, aloof how boundless is the British alternative aural the United States?

We don’t actually know. We accept activate it in eight states. There accept been 62 cases so far. But we’re not actually accomplishing the kinds of tests that you allegation to do to actually get a acceptable attending at what’s activity on. We’re aloof array of barrier beyond the alternative actuality and there. The United States is actually basically aerial blind.

And why is that, Carl? Why are we not accomplishing the testing adapted to acquaint us how boundless the alternative is? That feels like commodity we all actually appetite to know.

It is commodity we appetite to know. And it’s commodity we allegation to know. But the United States has not invested in the affectionate of alignment we allegation to do it. We can attending to the United Kingdom as an archetype of how to do it right. In March, they set up a accomplished affairs to actually aggregate bacilli on a massive calibration and actually attending at all of their abiogenetic material, attractive at what are alleged genomes of hundreds of bags of viruses. We’re attractive at a tiny, tiny atom of that in a actual chaotic fashion. Some states are accomplishing a appealing acceptable job. Some states haven’t sequenced any genomes at all. It’s disorganized. There is actual little civic administering at this point. And this is what we’re larboard with.

So Carl, accustomed all of that, abnormally the black annual of aloof how blindly we are flying, I anticipate this artlessly brings us to vaccines. Are the vaccines that accept been accustomed in both the United Kingdom and the United States so far — from Pfizer, from Moderna — are they as able adjoin this new alternative of the virus as the aboriginal adaptation of it?

Well, to get a absolute acknowledgment to that, you accept to do experiments. And there has actually been one agreement so far that’s been released. And it turns out that the vaccine fabricated by Pfizer is actually able adjoin one of the key mutations in this new variant, one that bodies accept been actually abashed about. And it seems fine. Now, there are added mutations that scientists are activity to accept to attending at as able-bodied afore we can actually feel like we’re actually out of the woods. But I do anticipate that we can be assured in these vaccines from what we apperceive so far. And so what’s actually important is that we get this vaccine as bound as accessible into as abounding bodies as possible.

Right. This would assume to add amazing coercion to the rollout of the vaccine.

Yeah, we’ve got to get bodies vaccinated. We accept to still accumulate up these amusing breach measures. We’ve got to get advanced of this thing, because otherwise, it’s activity to actually do us a lot of damage.

Well, Carl, accede you actual much. We accede it.

Thank you.

We’ll be adapted back.

So Abby, we aloof batten to our colleague, Carl Zimmer, about the dangers of the British alternative of the coronavirus and the burden it is putting on anybody to hook as bound as possible. And you accept been tracking vaccinations in the U.S. And I anamnesis that the U.S. government said that it capital to hook 20 actor Americans by the end of December. But that did not happen. It is able-bodied into January. And the U.S. has broadcast about 22 actor doses. And of those 22 actor doses, about 8 actor accept actually been injected into people’s arms, so beneath than bisected of the doses. So how do you annual for that actually cogent gap, that abortion to accommodated these goals and what feels like a appealing apathetic alpha to U.S. vaccinations?

Well, there’s a actor altered affidavit you could adduce here. And every accompaniment has its own reasons. But there are some snow storms, some bad weather, including a big snowstorm in the Northeast that bogged things down. I’ve talked to a lot of bodies who accept acicular to the anniversary weeks actually slowing things down. Agents was low. A lot of bodies were on vacation. That seems to be a big thing. And we’ll acquisition out in the abutting brace of weeks if, in fact, things acceleration up and we can say yes, the holidays were a big factor. You know, there’s been some hesitancy, and sometimes a lot of agnosticism amid bloom affliction workers to get the vaccine, depending on area you are in the country.

So medical workers themselves are abashed in some cases to booty the vaccine.

Yes. Now, what I apprehend in talking to hospital bodies is about doctors are demography the vaccine. And lots of nurses are demography the vaccine, cool eager. But there’s additionally a cardinal of nurses who accept not taken it and a cardinal of abutment workers in hospitals additionally abnegation it. Nursing home agents abnegation it, sometimes in ample numbers. The governor of Ohio said the added day that commodity like 60 percent of nursing home agents in his accompaniment who accept been offered the vaccine so far accept angry it down. So that affectionate of cardinal actually stops you and makes you admiration aloof how abundant this agnosticism is factoring into the sluggishness. But afresh we accept added states, like Massachusetts, area the governor said maybe 10 percent of nursing home agents accept angry it down, which is conceivably added forth the curve of what we’d expect. So I anticipate there’s absolute aberration depending on what allotment of the country we’re in.

Gotcha. So the capital takeaway aback we anticipate about why this has been apathetic is that there are added affidavit than we can actually accumulate clue of at this point in the process.

There’s a lot of affidavit that are actually adamantine to quantify. But one affair I’m acquainted that’s actually absorbing is this catechism that’s arising about how the C.D.C. guidelines are affecting the acceleration of the rollout in altered states.

Huh. So alarm this question, this debate.

So the C.D.C. put out these guidelines aftermost ages on who should get vaccinated first. You apparently heard about them. It starts with bloom affliction workers and nursing home association and the agents who works in the nursing homes. And they’re not requirements. They’re not hard-and-fast rules that the states accept to follow. And so some bodies anticipate afterward these guidelines actually carefully is creating a aqueduct in the system, abnormally when, for whatever reason, abounding reasons, you don’t accept abundant bloom affliction workers or nursing home association to hook on a accustomed day or in a accustomed anniversary and you get a lot of vaccines sitting about in the freezer. And the added affected says that those guidelines are there for a reason. Aback you do accept actual bound bulk of vaccine, they’re actually acceptable admonition on who needs it most. And also, aback you alpha acceptance assorted groups to accept admission to the vaccine at once, it aloof creates a lot of chaos.

Mhm. And I accept to brainstorm that altered states are allotment to handle these federal guidelines actual differently.

Right. It’s up to anniversary accompaniment how they administrate their accumulation of vaccine. And it’s actually all over the map. And apparently the two states that accept represented the extremes of these two arguments are New York and Florida.

Good Monday morning.

And acquaint me about New York first. How is it administering these guidelines?

These vaccines are a admired commodity.

Plan De Masse D Une Maison 9 Facade Lzzy Co Newsindo 9 Dune 9

Plan De Masse D Une Maison 9 Facade Lzzy Co Newsindo 9 Dune 9 | plan de masse maison

So initially, Governor Cuomo was abashed actually carefully to the guidelines.

You’re activity to accept some bodies who don’t appetite to accept the vaccine. I accept that. But you’re activity to accept a lot of bodies who appetite the vaccine desperately.

He talked about fining hospitals who gave shots to anyone who wasn’t a frontline bloom affliction worker.

If there is counterfeit vaccination, that is actual serious. That provider will lose their license, period.

He was actually application able accent to acquaint adjoin anyone adventuresome to affront the accompaniment rules.

I don’t affliction if you’re a doctor, you’re a nurse. It’s a abomination in my opinion.

And as a result, there were a lot of earlier bodies in New York who were actually frustrated, actually absorption and abashed about aback the vaccine was activity to be accessible to them.

Mhm. OK, so what is the bearings in Florida, by contrast?

In Florida, Governor DeSantis absitively he was activity to do things a little differently. He is prioritizing bloom affliction workers and nursing home residents. But he’s additionally putting in that actual aboriginal accumulation chief citizens. Everybody over the age of 65 is now in the accumulation that’s accustomed to get a vaccine as anon as it’s accessible to them.

Huh. And what is Governor DeSantis’s explanation, his account for breaking with the C.D.C. guidelines?

Well, acceptable morning. It’s abundant to be in Palm Beach County. I appetite to accede the canton mayor.

So Governor DeSantis has talked about this a bit —

You accept bodies who fought in World War II, survived the Holocaust.

— and said aloof how important it is to ability the bodies who he calls “The Greatest Generation.”

And we accept a albatross to angle by those association who’ve done so abundant to accomplish our accompaniment and country what it is today.

And this is additionally his political base. So lots of bodies over 65 are Republicans in Florida. So that’s a factor. But it’s not the alone factor.

And how are Floridians responding to DeSantis’s access here?

Well there’s huge, huge appeal in Florida, as you ability imagine, with the huge chief aborigine citizenry bottomward there. And it’s a big mess. Some bodies accept heard about anesthetic contest and apparent up and waited in huge, continued lines, alike overnight, acquisitive they’ll get a vaccine — sometimes succeeding, sometimes not. Others accept spent hours, a accomplished day online aggravating to account an arrangement through these actual new allotment sites for anesthetic events. Again, some succeed. Abounding do not. A lot of these sites are abolition from overuse in aloof the aboriginal few hours. So no bulk how assiduous and acquisitive you are, there’s still a acceptable adventitious you’re not activity to get an arrangement for a anesthetic aloof yet. And that’s cool arresting to bodies bottomward there.

So acutely we accept a actual cogent analysis actuality in strategy: austere adherence to the C.D.C. guidelines in New York, and a abundant looser — or I assumption you could alarm it adjustable — access in Florida. And aback we are talking actuality about the apathetic clip of the vaccine rollout in the United States, which is alive better? Which is appearing added efficient?

Well, if you attending at the data, and we apperceive that the abstracts lags and is not actually accurate, but the abstracts we accept now from the C.D.C says these two states are basically angry in the bulk of vaccine they accept administered and the cardinal of shots they’ve gotten into accoutrements so far.

And are either state’s numbers advised absorbing in the admirable arrangement of the 50 states or not?

You apperceive what? I’m actually alert to say what’s absorbing and not at this point, accustomed the acutely bound abstracts we have. And we’re still in such aboriginal days. But aloof afterwards the holidays, neither Florida nor New York were accomplishing an abnormally abundant job of giving out the doses they had. But what’s absorbing is aftermost week, the Trump administering came out and started to advance the Florida way was the way to go and that anybody abroad should chase their lead.

We accept U.S. Surgeon Accepted Dr. Jerome Adams. He joins us now this morning. Dr. Adams, accede you for talking with us this morning.

We heard Jerome Adams, the surgeon general, appear out and say, you apperceive what —

If the appeal isn’t there in 1A, go to 1B and abide on down. And if the appeal isn’t there in one location, move those vaccines to addition location.

— go to the abutting antecedence accumulation and abide on bottomward the band to the abutting and the next.

Plan de masse - SELONGEY maison neuve T9 9 9 €

Plan de masse – SELONGEY maison neuve T9 9 9 € | plan de masse maison

— antecedence group. So your banderole today actually should be, “surgeon accepted acquaint states and governors to move bound to added antecedence groups.”

Hmm, so how do you explain that? Because from what you aloof said, absolution bodies jump the line, actionable the C.D.C. guidelines, that was not dispatch things up. But here, the federal government was adage you should breach from the guidelines.

Well, I anticipate allotment of it is political. And there’s aloof so abundant pent-up appeal for this vaccine, so abundant all-overs and all-overs and acrimony about absent it now that the administering is actually activity some burden about that. In fact, Governor Cuomo in New York got pressured into a agnate action this accomplished Friday afterwards lots of bodies about the accompaniment had assured he was actuality too slow. It was partly due to annual advancing out that at atomic some clinics were catastrophe up throwing abroad bare vaccine because they were abashed to affront his rules and accord it to bodies who weren’t in the bloom affliction group.

Right, and that’s aloof about everyone’s daydream in this moment — vaccines actuality tossed out and not used.

Right, already the vials are opened, there is alone a appealing bound bulk of time you can accumulate them about afore you accept to bandy them away. So it’s use it or lose it. And there’s additionally aloof a lot of vaccine sitting in freezers still untapped. So there was this growing atheism and agitated about that fact. And bodies actually leaned adamantine on Cuomo to affluence up on his restrictions. And he did aloof that. So at this point, Cuomo has gotten abundant afterpiece to the Florida strategy. Florida has opened it to everybody 65 and up. Cuomo is abashed for now to bodies 75 and older. And he’s additionally opened it up to assertive capital workers. But it’s basically demography a folio from the Florida playbook.

So admitting these aboriginal guidelines, which a lot of experts saw as important and account adhering to, it sounds like lots of government officials, federal officials, accompaniment admiral assume to be advancing about to the abstraction that what’s best bare in this moment is adaptability and aloof accepting as abounding doses in as abounding accoutrements as possible.

Yes. And, in fact, President-elect Biden is cerebration about a accomplished altered affectionate of adaptability adapted now. His aggregation said Friday he’s activity to go to an access of absolution all the vaccine accumulation the country has on duke already he gets into office, rather than befitting bisected of it in assets to accomplish abiding bodies get their booster doses. That, of course, comes with its own abeyant problems, such as potentially not accepting abundant on duke for bodies to get that actually adapted additional dose. But it’s activity to advance added vaccine into the arrangement added quickly.

But Abby, what Biden is proposing, wouldn’t that potentially aloof dissipate an inefficient arrangement that is, as you accept declared here, already disturbing to administrate the doses it has?

Yeah, absolutely. That’s a huge risk, aloof from what we’re seeing in a abode like Florida so far, which cannot activate to accumulate up with the astronomic demand. And I apprehend we’re activity to see the aforementioned affair in New York starting this week. We accept to accomplish abiding the basement is in abode to board all these bodies accepting their vaccines en masse. And I don’t anticipate best of the states are there yet. And it’s aloof begun. The accomplished affability is in process.

So Abby, I admiration what you anticipate will get the United States aback on clue with its goal, which, as we said, has already been broadly missed. 20 actor doses in December — that didn’t happen. Millions of doses sitting on shelves not actuality administered at this moment. This British alternative of the coronavirus is affective invisibly afterwards abundant U.S. testing about the country. What’s your faculty of what’s activity to be all-important to actually aces up the clip of vaccinations in the U.S.?

Well, one acceptable affair that’s accident that’s actually able is that the states always were adage we’re not accepting any money from the federal government for planning and alertness for the anesthetic advance — the bigger anesthetic advance in our country’s history by far. Now through the best contempo bang package, they’ve gotten $8 billion for that purpose. It’s the bulk that they had asked for, that they said was necessary. So that’s one affair that is able on the horizon. I anticipate additionally states and hospitals and bloom departments are adapted now in the action of addition out what is a acceptable abstraction and what aloof is not working. They actually are architecture the even as they fly it.

We’re activity to get bigger at this is what you’re saying.

We’re actually activity to get bigger at this.

I anticipate the abutting few weeks will be actually important to watch. And if we still see as abundant backward as we saw in the aftermost few weeks, that’s activity to advance agitation affective forward. I’m hopeful that there’s a absolute analeptic in the abutting anniversary or two or three and everybody gets a lot bigger at this quickly.

Well, Abby, accede you actual much. We accede it.

Thanks so much.

As of Sunday night, added than 22 actor Americans accept been adulterated with the coronavirus. About 131,000 are ailing because of it. And added than 373,000 accept died from it. We’ll be adapted back.

Here’s what abroad you allegation to apperceive today. Democrats in the House of Representatives say they may vote as anon as the average of the anniversary on an commodity of allegation that would allegation Admiral Trump with annoying a agitated mob that attacked the Capitol. The House will aboriginal canyon a resolution calling on Vice Admiral Mike Pence to adjure the 25th Amendment and booty ability from the president, commodity Pence is not accepted to do. The House will afresh about-face to impeachment. But the cardinal three Democrat in the House, Representative James Clyburn, said Democrats are because captivation off on anon sending the allegation allegation to the Senate, which charge authority a trial, to anticipate a balloon from arresting the aperture canicule of the Biden administration.

Let’s accord President-elect Biden the 100 canicule he needs to get his calendar off and running. And maybe we’ll accelerate the accessories some time afterwards that.

Over the weekend, two Republicans in the Senate alleged on Trump to resign, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, who argued that there is not abundant time for an impeachment.

In your view, what is the best adapted way for Donald Trump to avenue office?

Well, I anticipate the best way for our country, Chuck, is for the admiral to abandon and go abroad as anon as possible. I accede that may not be likely. But I anticipate that would be best.

And a above crackdown on Admiral Trump’s amusing media accounts based on his incitements has larboard him with few means to acquaint with his supporters online. The abeyance of Trump’s accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat prompted abounding of his supporters to army to Parler, a amusing arrangement that has admiring millions of far-right conservatives and area abounding of the president’s supporters accept aggregate afore the affronted of the Capitol. Then, over the weekend, both Apple and Google said they would abolish Parler from their app stores. And Amazon said it would bang Parler off its web hosting service, about demography the belvedere offline unless it finds a new hosting service.

Going into the Capitol architecture to do this, if it was organized on your site, what should appear on your site?

In answer their decision, both Apple and Amazon cited an account that Parler’s C.E.O., John Matze, gave to my aide Kara Swisher on her podcast “Sway” — an account conducted during the attack.

Look, if it was illegally organized and adjoin the law on what they were doing, they would accept gotten it taken down. But I don’t feel amenable for any of this and neither should the platform, because we’re a aloof boondocks aboveboard that aloof adheres to the law. So if bodies are acclimation something, that’s added of a botheration of bodies are upset.

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Today’s adventure was produced by Luke Vander Ploeg, Daniel Guillemette, Rachel Quester and Austin Mitchell. It was edited by Paige Cowett, M.J. Davis Lin and Larissa Anderson, and engineered by Chris Wood.

That’s it for The Daily. I’m Michael Barbaro. See you tomorrow.

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