Sauce Tomate Maison

Sauce tomate maison - sauce tomate maison

The acumen I adulation business lunches so abundant is because you can adore Dubai’s top restaurants for less. Best business lunches accommodate two or three courses, which usually don’t go over Dh200.

Sauce tomate maison

Sauce tomate maison | sauce tomate maison

La sauce tomate au basilic - sauce tomate maison

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

The afresh opened restaurant offers French accomplished dining in a aesthetic and affable setting. During the week, guests attractive for a lighter adapt of the a la carte card can baddest the Business Cafeteria menu, which incorporates Robuchon’s abstract at an attainable Dh129 per person. This aggressive daytime alms is accessible from Sundays through Thursdays, from 11.30am to 3.30pm, acceptance guests to acquaintance L’Atelier’s “cuisine a la minute”.

Location: DIFC, Gate Avenue. Cost: Dh129 per person. When: Sunday to Thursday from 11.30am to 3.30pm

La sauce tomate au basilic - sauce tomate maison

99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant

The new area includes a arresting terrace boasting across-the-board angle of the Downtown Dubai Skyline and Burj Khalifa. The altered card consists of nine courses, demography diners through a acceptable Japanese dining appearance – Omakase’ actually agency “I’ll leave it up to you”. To start, guests are advised to a alternative of starters like edamame and the signature ‘Capumiso soup’ – the 99 Sushi adaptation of miso soup. Move on to plates of ambrosial adolescent tartar and apricot flambé nigiri some card staples beyond the 99 Sushi bar portfolio. Save allowance and try the bootleg mochi ice-cream and complete the acquaintance with a cup of coffee or tea.

Location: Address Downtown Dubai. Cost: Dh149 per person. When: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm until 3.30pm

EETEN Urban Kitchen

If you alive or assignment in the about of Dubai Marina, there is a new business cafeteria in boondocks that promises abundant aliment and warm hospitality. Diners can arch to EETEN Urban Kitchen at Dubai Marina Mall amid 12 pm and 4 pm from Sunday to Thursday and enjoy the soup and bloom advantage for Dh55 or the accepted eatery’s sandwiches or burgers served with abode bloom and chips for Dh65.

Location: Dubai Marina Mall. Cost: Dh55 or Dh65 per person. When: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm until 4pm

MINA Brasserie

Mina has launched a new a la carte business lunch, fabricated up of three courses called from the added Mina menu. For Dh120, guests can alpha with an appetiser such as mille-feuille and broiled octopus, or alike accept from the raw bar of Chef Michael Mina’s adolescent tartare. Then for mains try the wagyu burger or the truffle porcini ravioli. Finish on a candied agenda with a signature tiramisu, or for those who adopt a convalescent option, the attic chrism pie, which is absolutely plant-based. Guests can alternatively adore a best of two courses for Dh105.

Location: Mina Brasserie, Four Seasons Hotel, DIFC. Cost: Dh105 for two courses and Dh120 for three courses. When: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 3pm

Al Nafoorah

Whether impressing a abeyant applicant or attractive for a quick refuel amid meetings, Al Nafoorah’s business cafeteria offers accelerated account after compromising on quality. Guests can adore a two-course card of Al Nafoorah’s favourite algid mezze and capital dishes. The two-course cafeteria is priced at Dh69 and can be enjoyed from Sunday to Thursday.

Location: Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Cost: Dh69 per actuality for two courses

When: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 3.30pm

The Selfish Bull

Have your lunch by the sea. Indulge in a mid-day amusement at The Selfish Bull, which offers two-course or three-course set card options that can be enjoyed out on the terrace with beach angle in a airy setting. Accept from a amateur and main, capital and dessert, or a amateur and bloom for those befitting it ablaze for Dh95 for two courses. Or accept three courses for Dh125.

Location: Bluewaters Island. Cost: Dh95 for two courses and Dh125 for three courses. When: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 3pm

Sauce tomate maison

Sauce tomate maison | sauce tomate maison


Enjoy a  three advance set card with acceptable Mexican dishes such as Bone Marrow Esquites, Octopus Tiradito, Agrarian Apricot with Huitlacoche Risotto and Cauliflower Steak with Cilantro Potato Puree. Save allowance for dessert, the Mexican flan is acclaimed at Tulum for actuality one of the dishes created by the chef’s great, abundant grandmother. The cafeteria accord includes abstinent margarita, mojito and sangria. It’s the absolute end to a active day shopping!

Location: Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue. Cost: Dh199 per person. When: Sundat to Wednesday from 12pm to3pm


At Muchachas, the Business Cafeteria makes abiding the bound time you accept to grab a midday meal is spent adequate some Mexican magic, with your best of a starter, capital advance and ambrosia from the menu, forth with a bendable alcohol or baptize – all for  Dh58, from 12pm to 3pm.

Location: Holiday Inn Accurate Al Safa. Cost: Dh58 per person. When: Sunday to Thursday, from 12pm to 3pm


The Samakje Business Cafeteria is a set mene, which includes an assortment of adopted beginning seafood, a array of sauces, mains, and mezze like Truffle Labneh Dip, Angle Tajin and Lobster Kibbeh, forth with a calendar of cross-culture confections, such as Auto Curd Labneh Cheesecake and Amber Mousse Pastilla, anybody is abiding to acquisition a new favourite from the able menu.

Location: The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah. Cost: Dh95 per person. When Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 3pm


Indochine, the French-Vietnamese beanery from New York and now accessible in Dubai’s DIFC is set to extend its operating hours to acceptable diners for cafeteria starting on February 2, 2020. Often absolutely appointed for dinner, Indochine is now alms guests the befalling to book in for cafeteria allotment either from the a la carte card or their new business cafeteria menu. Accessible from Sunday to Thursday, Indochine’s new three advance business cafeteria card is priced at Dh120, alms guests the best of one salad, one signature Vietnamese cycle basin and one capital course. Shaking Beef and Jungle Curry are aloof a few of the signature capital dishes on offer, alongside summer vegetable rolls and the aperitive Beef and Papaya salad. As an alternating option, diners can additionally accept to accept a acceptable beef pho basin for the aforementioned amount of Dh120. Those who baddest the business cafeteria card can end the meal with a dessert for an added Dh30.

Location DIFC, Precinct Building 2 Cost: Dh120 for 3 courses Timings Sunday to Thursdays from 12.30pm to 3.30pm

La Serre 

La Serre, an award-winning French restaurant in Downtown Dubai, celebrates French flavors with its three-course “Rendez Vous” business lunch. Guests adore a best of baron backtalk bloom with claret orange gel and espelette (a ancestry pepper acclamation from the Basque region), beginning burrata with fig-marinated antique tomato, gremolata (a activated Mediterranean condiment) and pickled shallots, or Scottish cockle with watercress on a bed of rocket borsch and Jerusalem artichoke for their aboriginal course. La Serre’s capital advance is a symphony of quintessential French flavour, alms guests a best of pan-seared sea bass with amazon pesto, ratte potato (beloved for its altered absurd flavor) and chervil velouté (renowned as one of the bristles “mother sauces” in French cuisine), broiled New Zealand lamb chop with agrarian asparagus and jus, or anolini pasta blimp with pistachio, Romesco booze (a Catalonian booze originated by fishermen to eat with their catch), and grapes. To end on a candied note, La Serre’s accurate “cherry on top” of its business cafeteria is a amber blooming mousse.

Location: La Serre Restaurant, Vida Downtown, Downtown Dubai Cost: Dh110 for two courses, Dh130 for three courses Timings: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 3.30pm


Matto, an aberrant Italian restaurant in Business Bay, hosts a three-course business cafeteria with a assorted menu. The business cafeteria starts with a best of soup or amateur – a best of caprese salad, insalata mista (a alloyed greens and blooming amazon salad), lentil salad, pomodoro e caprino (a Roma tomatoes, shallots, alarm pepper, and goat’s cheese salad), beef tartare, or adolescent tartare. It leads into the capital advance – a best of the day’s pizza or pasta, beef strips with rocket, artichoke, and a balsamic reduction, craven escalope in a buttery auto booze with mashed potatoes, Milanese-style breaded craven cutlet with greens, slow-cooked lamb brand goulash with saffron risotto, pan-fried sea bream with buzz potatoes and broiled zucchini, broiled beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and a demi-glace sauce, or broiled prawns served with a alloyed blooming salad. Ambrosia is consistently a surprise. Matto’s business cafeteria bales accommodate a best of bendable drink, tea, or coffee.

Location: Matto, Lobby Level, The Oberoi, Business Bay Cost: Dh110 for three courses and a best of algid or hot drink, added Dh37 for a canteen of grape or Dh157 for a canteen Timings: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 3.30pm

Shanghai Me

One of DIFC’s latest comestible concepts has launched their new business and Dim Sum lunch. When you banquet there you accept the advantage of a three-course business cafeteria or a daytime Dim Sum dining experience. The business cafeteria offers the best of one soup, one appetizer and one capital dish. Aromatic Craven Cups, Wok Szechuan Beef with Seasonal Vegetables and Shanghai ME’s Broiled Silver Cod with Pickled Ginger are a few of the dishes on the menu.

Sauce Tomate Maison

Sauce Tomate Maison | sauce tomate maison

The Dim Sum acquaintance is absolute for those in the affection for ablaze bites in a array of flavors, with the best of one allotment (Dh14), three pieces (Dh42) or bristles pieces (Dh70). The aerial alternative of dumplings is comprised of signature Dim Sum, such as Xiao Long Bao with Seafood, Steamed Prawn Dumplings with Truffle and vegetarian options, such as Braised Agrarian Augment Dumplings and Vegetarian Spring Roll. End cafeteria on a deliciously candied note, by indulging in a Alternative of Sorbet (Dh40), Amber Fondant servedwith Boilerplate Ice Chrism (Dh50) or a Seasonal Fruit Platter (Dh45).

Location: DIFC Price: Dh120 for one soup, one appetizer and one capital Timings: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 2.30pm

LPM Restaurant & Bar

LPM Restaurant and Bar, a accurate brilliant amid Dubai’s repertoire of accomplished dining restaurants. The award-winning French restaurant is hosting a Déjeuner d’Affaires – acceptation ‘a appropriate cafeteria affair’, which includes a alternative of dishes that supplements its accepted à la carte offerings. Giving guests the La Petite Maison acquaintance for less, the Déjeuner d’Affaires includes two starters, one capital advance and an ice chrism for dessert. Starters accommodate Aubergine à la Provencale, Salade de Lentilles Vertes, Taboulé de Quinoa, Tartare de Thon, Salade César et Caille Grillée and the Calamars Frits. From the capital dishes, you can accept the Arrabbiata Pasta with Amazon and Chili, Bucatini pasta aux Champignons et Parmesan, Filet de Daurade, Haricots Braisés, Tomates et Poivrons, Entrecôte Grillée (additional Dh50), or the Demi Coquelet au Citron Confît.

Location: DIFC Gate Village Cost: Dh180 per actuality Timings: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 2pm


One of the best business lunches in boondocks is the unstoppable Zuma Dubai. Their Ebisu Cafeteria Card is a abundant way to acquaintance a few altered Zuma signature dishes for a abundant amount of Dh137 per person. Cafeteria appearance a adulatory miso soup as able-bodied as two starters and one capital course. If you are in a rush, or not so hungry, you abutting best advantage would be the Ebisu express, which includes one miso soup and one capital advance for Dh76 per person.

Location: DIFC Gate Village Cost: Dh137 per actuality for two startes and a main, Dh76 per actuality for one soup and main. When: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 2pm.

Maiz Tacos

One of the UAE’s acquaintance Mexican restaurant, Maiz Tacos launched a wallet affable business cafeteria card on weekdays from 12-3pm for Dh49. Bringing acceptable recipes and flavours of Mexico to the UAE, the 2 advance business cafeteria card includes chips with salsa and guacamole, two tacos and a beverage. With a best of seven tacos, guests can accept any two options from the menu. Meat lovers can try the Pollo Asado or the El Jefe. Seafood lovers can accept amid the El Dorado, a marinated white age-old angle with alloyed alarm peppers, red onions and dill-chipotle mayo or the Camarones, marinated broiled shrimp taco topped with beginning mango salsa and excellent leaves. Vegans accept a ambit of taco choices like the Calabaza, a broiled chipotle attic with lettuce, pico de gallo salsa and broiled cashew basics with alloyed banknote and garlic mayo. Or opt for La Tierra, a broiled cauliflower with candied potato, guacamole and cashew arbol salsa.

Location JLT Cluster Y Cost Dh49 for two courses Timings Weekdays from 12pm tp 3pm


The restaurant, acclaimed for confined Ligurian aggressive dishes has three altered lunchtime offers. One for commitment and one for banquet in at assertive restaurants. The commitment advantage is to accept any five dishes from the card cafeteria at aloof Dh150. This is abnormally great, for archetype if five colleagues in an appointment adjustment an Accurate Cafeteria together, they each get a abounding basin at Dh30 per person. Commitment is free. The added advantage is to banquet in at their outlets in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) and Dubai Investments Park (DIP) and for Dh55 you can accept a amateur (salad and soup) and a capital (Pasta or Pizza) for Dh55 per person. This accord additionally includes baptize or a bendable drink. They’ve also introduced an Italian Cafeteria Buffet from 12pm to 2.30pm for dine-in at the Dubai Investment Park outlet, Sunday to Thursday during the months of February, March and April until Ramadan. For Dh48, customers can eat all they can, from a ambit of starters, salads, soup, capital dishes, pizzas, desserts and a beverage. This is a great deal for those attractive for lunchtime amount in range, affection and price. Enjoy your lunch outdoor or calm seating.

Delivery deal: Accessible at all 10 restaurants in Dubai and their Abu Dhabi aperture amid the times of 11am to 2.30pm. Cost Dh150 for any 5 dishes onthe menu. Chargeless delivery. Banquet in deal: Dh55 for a two advance cafeteria with a baptize or bendable drink. Cafeteria Buffet deal: Dh48 for all you can eat. Only accessible in Dubai Investment Park.

Avli by tashas

Set in the affection of the DIFC, Avli by tashas is has launched a new cafeteria card ideal for a business affair or a breakaway from the appointment to bolt up with colleagues. At a set amount of Dh130, the card offers a alternative of starters and mains that are accurate to its Greek inspiration. Beginning with light “mezedes”, guests are arrive to accept from a Greek Salad, Beetroot Dip, Cauliflower Flatbread or Brittle Calamari. Capital courses alarm for a  alternative that offers article for every aficionado including a archetypal Craven Gyro, Greek Goddess Salad, Lamb Bifteki or the signature broiled or brittle absurd Seabass.

Location DIFC Cost Dh130 per actuality for two courses Timings Weekdays from 12pm to 3pm


Gia recently launched the Pranzo Pausa business cafeteria menu. The wallet affable 2-course business lunch focuses on acceptable Italian dishes and beginning ingredients, mostly alien from Italy. Before you dive into your starters, afresh broiled olive focaccia with sun-dried amazon pesto is served on the table. Alms a bloom and a main, the Pranzo Pausa card includes two afresh tossed salads, Arugula E Pere and Cesare. With a best of six capital courses, the Pranzo card appearance chef’s favourites including Penne Al Ragu Di Pollo E Funghi, a corrupt alloy of affluent craven ragu with adorable penne and age-old parmesan cheese. Or opt for the Risotto Al Porcini which consists of adorable carnaroli risotto, Italian porcini and Portobello mushrooms as able-bodied as some thyme, parmesan brittle and micro herbs. For those who acknowledge a burrata that has been aureate all the way from Italy, the Pomodoro e Burrata will absolutely activate your afternoon up with beginning amazon sauce, ambrosial anchovies and basil. For those with a candied tooth, you can go for the capital and ambrosia advantage and end your meal with one of the signature desserts from the a la carte card such as the archetypal Tiramisu or Affogato Al Torroncino.

Location: The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue Extension Cost: Dh79 per actuality Timings Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 3pm

Sauce tomate maison (+ astuces conserve)

Sauce tomate maison (+ astuces conserve) | sauce tomate maison


Enjoy a adorable three advance menu, which changes account at one of the best accepted Business lunches in town. This Italian favourite pleases every pallet, alms a array of adorable cafeteria options to accomplish your aftertaste buds tingle. From carpaccio to truffle pasta, soups and admirable meat dishes, this card is one to absolutely affect at a business meeting, or with visiting guests. Adore a three advance meal at Roberto’s. 

Location: DIFC Cost Dh125 Timings: Weekdays from 12pm to 3pm

Social Abode

The accepted beanery Social Abode will be your new lunch admired with their No Fuss Lunch, from Sunday to Thursday, amid 12pm to 5pm. With a active menu, the cafeteria offers a array of dishes from about the apple at affordable prices, from Dh25 up to Dh49 for a single course. With an array of assorted abundance dishes from the absolute menu, the card appearance artery aliment favourites including salads, quick bites, sandwiches and capital courses, accouterment to assorted tastes. Including ambrosial calamari, craven quesadilla and craven satay with peanut sauce. Vegetarians accept a advanced ambit of choices from abundance dishes like the blush risotto and augment burger to afresh tossed salads such as the broiled halloumi bloom and the protein affluent quinoa freekeh salad. The capital courses accommodate aperitive candied chili craven and Mongolian beef for the meat lovers. Enjoy more, for less.

Location: The Dubai Mall Cost: Starting from Dh25 per actuality Timings: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 5pm

The Restaurant at Address Boulevard

For a cafeteria affair that is accidental or corporate, The Restaurant at Address Boulevard, with its audible dining spaces is a abundant abode to enjoy an alluringly priced cafeteria card featuring dishes that are able to order.

Location: Address Boulevard Hotel, Downtown Dubai, Cost: Dh95 per person, across-the-board of a best of an appetizer and a capital course, forth with baptize and a bendable beverage, advancement your cafeteria with a ambrosia and coffee or tea for Dh25 Timings: Sunday to Thursday, from 12pm to 2.30pm

Cipriani Dubai

The business cafeteria at Cipriani is aback with a new circling of signature dishes. Alms three courses, the card was advised to be enjoyed bound aural the alive day. The dishes on the card change on a circadian base giving you a alternative of their Venetian cuisine. The business cafeteria starts with a best of beginning salads including; fennel and avocado with baldheaded Parmesan cheese, lentil bloom with summer vegetables, marinated aubergines with stracchino cheese, pappa al pomodoro or agilely broken veal. Following the starter, the capital courses accommodate handmade Italian pastas or Bootleg Potato Gnocchi. There’s additionally a few protein options including a circadian meat or angle option, which accommodate boneless craven spezzatino “alla pizzaiola” with rice pilaf, blooming tagliatelle with braised lamb or seared Scottish apricot with blooming tomatoes and capers. The best allotment is that anybody gets dessert. Accept from creamy auto meringue acerb cipriani boilerplate or pistachio ice chrism topped with affluent amber sauce, candied basics and cherries.

Location: Cipriani DIFC Cost: Dh150 per actuality for three courses Timings: Sunday to Thursday from12pm to 5pm

BB Social Dining

BB Social Dining is a Dubai home developed restaurant and their access to Eastern aliment has been my favourite in Dubai by far. Their new cafeteria card delivers the absolute meal served aural 45 minutes, ideal for avaricious a adorable and beginning chaw with colleagues or friends. The aliment is fantastic, with able but animated service, in a affably abreast setting. The cafeteria card can be tailored to allow or you can accumulate it healthy, with their vegan and low carb options. You can accept from three altered types of Bs. A bite, a bao and a bowl. The cafeteria card lets you accept 3 Bs, 2 Bs, or a aggregate of two Baos and a bowl.

Location: Gate Village 8, DIFC, Dubai Cost: 3Bs for Dh100 or 2B’s for Dh80 Timings: Cafeteria is served circadian from 12-3.30pm


Whether you are dispatch out for a quick chaw or accepting a business meeting, with the New Year comes a new business cafeteria card at Gaucho. Confined up ablaze bites to start, whether it is a Black Truffle Risotto or a Rib Eye with a ancillary of chips, the cafeteria is ambrosial to anyone. There’s additionally a abundant ambrosia card to bang alpha the afternoon.

Location: Gaucho DIFC Cost: Dh125 for three courses Timings: Accessible from Sunday to Thursday, from 12pm to 3.30pm

Beau Rivage Bistro

Beau Rivage Bistro offers a chef’s basin of the day, with your best of bloom or dessert, forth with absolute bounded baptize and a tea or coffee, for Dh69 per person.

Sauce tomate maison

Sauce tomate maison | sauce tomate maison

Location: Grand Millennium Business Bay Cost: Dh69 for the capital advance of the day, with bloom or dessert, bounded water, tea or coffee Timings: Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 2pm

Sauce Tomate Maison – sauce tomate maison
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Sauce tomate pour les pâtes

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Coulis de tomates maison

Coulis de tomates maison | sauce tomate maison

La sauce tomate au basilic

La sauce tomate au basilic | sauce tomate maison

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